Gun Dog Trial Rules

Gun Dog Trial Participant Rules

1. Bird Field 40 to 60 acres with water and good bird cover. The bird field needs to be marked with definite boundaries and appropriate NO SHOOTING & SAFETY Zones.

2. Number of birds to be released shall be six (6) game birds for the first brace and five (5) game birds for each brace thereafter.

3. Bird handlers must wear gloves. All birds killed must be given to the judge to be kept and counted.

4. Gunner must use 7.5, 8, or 9 shot shells. No more than 2 shots may be taken at a pointed bird.

5. Brace duration shall be 30 minutes.

6. Dog handlers and/or shooters must remain behind blind while birds are being released for their brace. Handler has the option to check the bird bag before and after the planting of the birds in the field. This is done to assure that the proper amount of birds is being used for each brace. Therefore, a check and balance to eliminate human error.

7. All trials will have two judges and a field marshal.

8. Judges will not be permitted to enter their dog in trials they are JUDGING, regardless of who may handle their dog.

9. All participants must sign the official score card validating accuracy prior to posting by field marshal.

10. All participants must be 16 years of age and have a valid hunting license with a hunter’s safety card if born after 1970.

11. Ties for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place shall be decided by the dog which has the quickest find from the start of the brace. The judge will be responsible for keeping track of the time for each find.

12. Maximum number of persons in bird field shall be limited to six (6) people.

13. No alcoholic beverages or consumption permitted on ground~ Participants who have consumed alcoholic beverages may be required to have a gunner or have dog scratched from trial, as determined by the field marshal.

14. A handler must attempt to hunt this dog competitively for the full 30 minutes or if a dog is off the course for more than 10 minutes then the judge will stop the brace. A bye dog will be selected by the field marshal and will run the remaining time left of the brace.

15. A gunner may Not shoot his gun OFF, except at pointed flushed bird.

16. No dog shall be added to the trial after drawing his been held.

17. If a person enters more than one dog, he will be responsible for making arrangements for second dog to be ready in case of back-to-back braces.

18. Dogs in season shall not be permitted to run in trial.

19. Any participant which is absence at start of his brace will be allowed ten minutes to show or will be automatically disqualified for that brace and brace mate will run with a bye dog. A bye dog must be selected by the field marshal and will receive no score.

20. Entry forms must contain all requested information or entry cannot be accepted.

21. A handler must not abuse or use excessive force towards his dog during a field trial or while on the trial grounds. This will result in an automatic disqualification and potential suspension from further Gun Dog Trials and competition.

22. Courtesy Assistance covers individuals who are disabled or recovering from surgery or rehab. This covers individuals who have doctor’s orders because of heart problems, knee or hip problems.

A. Handlers must stay with the trial judge at all times.

B. Handlers must not drive the four-wheeler faster than a fast walking pace.

C. Handlers must get off the four-wheeler at least 100 ft. from the dog (on point) to work his dog or hold dog for a back.

D. Handler must catch his dog and hold him when the time is up. The judge will assist the handler in getting the dog out of the field.

E. Courtesy Assistance must be requested at the time the dog is entered in the field trial. Two club officers must approve the request before the handler is granted approval.

Gun Dog Trial Judging Rules

1. “Point” must be called by handler before a judge can score a credible find.

2. Only pointed birds shall be shot.

3. No birds shall be shot on the ground, except at the judge’s request.

4. With dog on point, when brace time has expired, handler/gunner shall have one minute to complete the flush and retrieve. Dog shall not be allowed to relocate.

5. No credit shall be given for the pointing of dead birds. “Point’, “kill”, and “retrieve” credit shall be given for only one bird per find.

6. When two dogs are found on point or actually pointing the same bird at the same time, each will be awarded ten (10) points for find and ten (10) points for the retrieve.

7. Bird out of bounds must be pointed with the dog standing inbound to receive credit for the find and/or retrieve.

8. A dog must retrieve a bird to within three (3) feet of its handler who shall remain in the same area, before full credit (20 points) can be given for the retrieve.

9. If a bird is found by dog and picked up but not fully retrieved to within three (3) feet 0′ handler, then a partial retrieve will be awarded with five points.

10. A dog which “backs” his brace mate on “point” will be awarded fifteen points. However, a dog is only allowed to back one time per brace. Therefore, any back after the first back will not be awarded any points.

11. A dog must back and not interfere with his brace mate while on “point” However, if interference occurs, then the dog pointing will receive full credit for the find, kill, and retrieve. Find=20pts. Kill=3pts. Retrieve=20pts.

12. The backing dog must be held by his handler upon the request of the pointing dog’s handler or judge However, if the shooter has not produced a bird within 2 minutes after the backing dog has backed, the pointing dog must be relocated.

13. When the handler of the pointing dog asks the judge to relocate, the handler of the backing dog must hold his dog for one (1) minute or until the judge released the backing dog. When the backing dog is released by the judge then “all game” is fair for either dog.

14. A dog which continually interferes with the other dog of its brace will be warned by the judge one time and then asked to be “picked up” if interference continues. At this time, a bye dog will be selected by the field marshal and will run the remaining time left of the brace.

15. A marked bird is a judge’s decision. This bird has been flushed by judge, dog, etc., and cannot be pointed for three (3) minutes in order to receive points for a find.

16. When the judge announces ‘time is up” for the brace. the handlers shall put leads On their dogs and take shortest route Out of bird field. This will enable the next brace to start on time.

17. ONLY PHYSICALLY DISABLED and/or UNDERAGE handlers will be allowed to use a gunner for flushing and shooting of birds. Otherwise, a handler will act as the gunner. Gunners shall walk a reasonable distance behind the handler and can do nothing except flush and shoot birds. (Handler must designate Gunner” when entering trial.)

18. A judge to the best of his/her ability will not allow for a bird to be scored upon more than one time during a brace. Also, the judge will monitor the dog’s ground race not to allow a dog to spend more than 8 minutes in any five acres of the bird field.

19. Gunner must attempt to flush pointed birds to receive credit for the find. However, birds that cannot fly may be thrown in air to get a kill and/or retrieve. The judge must see that the bird is alive before the gunner can receive any points. The gunner has the two options:

(1) Throw bird in air. Shoot bird for kill. Then allow dog to retrieve.

(2) Throw bird in air. Shoot gun in air. Then allow dog to retrieve live bird.

20. If a gunner is unable to shoot a bird for danger of hitting other individuals, and/or animals, he must call a “SAFETY”. In the judge’s opinion, if this is a legitimate safety then an automatic (3) points for the kill and (20) points for the retrieve will be awarded.

21. Gun safety is expected and enforced! (Ex. “No handler or gunner is allowed to run in the field at any time.”)

22. The judge’s decision is FINAL on all judgment calls.

23. The use of training aids such as electric devices, weighted collars are prohibited.