October 21, 2017 Gun Dog and Puppy Trial Brace Pairings

The race is on! With only two trials remaining in the season, there are a handful of dogs and handlers battling for the the annual awards. Make sure you get signed up for the final trial of the season and in the meantime, here are the braces for tomorrow’s contest.

Gun Dog Brace Pairings

Brace Dog’s Name Breed Sex Owner\Handler
1 Chief Setter M Rusean Hardman
1 Buddy Brittany M Bill Yuan
2 Tara GSP F Keith Lindsey
2 Sara WH Griffon F Bob Dorn
3 Coco Pointer F Todd Rowland
3 Roscoe Brittany M Tom Alexander
4 Tuffy GSP M Terry Stunkard
4 Chief Brittany M Bill Yuan
5 Sassy Setter F Rusean Hardman
5 Shoni Brittany F Ben Faulkner
6 Bullet Setter M Todd Rowland
6 Jet Lab M Cye Rowland
7 Shelly Brittany F Ben Faulkner
7 Gunner GSP M Terry Stunkard
8 Candy Man GSP M Tom Alexander
8 Sis Setter F James Parnell
9 Lucy           Beck

Puppy Brace Pairings

Brace Dog’s Name Breed Sex Owner\Handler
1 Rev GSP M Cale Parnell
2 Roxy GSP F James Parnell
3 Bus Setter M Rusean Hardman
4 Minnie GSP F Preston Smith/ Tom Krause
5 Truper GSP M Tom Alexander
6 Estell GSP F Keith Lindsey
7 Bella WH Griffon F

Bob Dorn